Service ~Nathan Soukup

Throughout the year, I have been helping run and donate to the Fenn School Food Drive. Many mornings, I will go into different classrooms and explain the food drive. I would encourage people to donate food and money to help people in need. We met as a grade and made posters to remind people to donate. We would meet as a grade and talk about our projects and the walk for hunger and other community service projects. We ended up donated a lot of food to the local food pantry to provide food for people in need.

Service ~Jasper Chartener

My service this year has honestly not as been as much as I would like it to be. However, that being said, I have done as much community service as I can when offered to me. One example would be the canned food drive for Open Table that Fenn partakes in each year. Last year I donated cans, but this year not only did I donate cans, but I also helped raise awareness of the drive throughout the school. I went with fellow classmates to visit lower and middle school classrooms to talk to the students about what was happening and what they could do to help. From what we heard from teachers, I had made a big difference and we had increased our amount of cans by a lot. Another activity that I did for community service this year was the Cradles to Crayons program and donating to that. Cradles to Crayons is a great way to get children and students things that they need buy can’t afford, such as school supplies or clothes. Although I donated to this drive, I would have liked to be more involved like I had with the canned food drive. As far as community service goes for a 14-year-old, I can say that I have made a positive impact on others in my community and I wish to continue my path and expand the path while walk it.

Helping ~Jackson Lippa

Service is crucial to limit poverty in a modern society. This is evident in Concord as we have been able to help out the impoverished and keep them working in society. I myself have contributed to this effort in three major ways. One, my personal cradles to crayons drive, my assistance to the school drive, and lastly, my heading home contribution. First off, my cradles to crayons drive. This year I organized my own Cradles to Crayons drive in which I collected clothing, made announcements, and delivered the donations. I am happy with this because I feel that through my contribution I have been able to help out the needy. Second, my contribution to the Fenn drive. In addition to donating clothes, I and several other students went to the warehouse and sorted things. I thought this was very interesting because I got to see where my earlier donation went. Lastly,  heading home. This is my favorite service activity as when we are done furnishing the person house, we get to see their excitement and happiness. I have done this two or three times in the past and have really found it to be a great day.

Service Reflection ~Izak Murphy

This year I have done a decent amount of community service. I have stood outside a supermarket for three hours and collected cans and boxes for the needy people at the open table pantry. This was actually a kind of fun project to do because it was a nice day and we got a lot of donations. We filled four or five boxes of cans and other food things to donate. I did this with another person which made it even more fun because we got to hang out and chat while we did charity.  I also did the walk for hunger this past year and I plan on doing it again. Last year it was only 10 miles but I did the full thing which was good. In the past three years I have done it every time and did the full 20 miles those times and plan to do the full 20 miles this year. I enjoy the kind of community service project where you can socialize and work with other people while also helping the people in need. It feels great to know that you changed someone’s life and made it better It feels great to know that you change somebody’s life and made it better even if they didn’t know it was you. I enjoy helping people and think it’s a very worthy cause. My favorite thing about helping others is knowing that their last have changed for the better and I was part of their journey to a better life.

Life with Feeling ~Arthur Goncalves

What is passion without meaning? I can’t answer that, but passion with purpose means something, and maybe you haven’t found that passion yet but trust me you’ll find it, just like I found community service. Community service means something to me, it’s life with feeling, it’s helping others, but I think the most important thing is it’s giving other an opportunity. Over the summer I spent quite a while at cradles to crayons, and although I wasn’t able to directly help kids I knew I was giving children the opportunities I am so thankful to have. I could have spent my precious summer doing countless other things, but there was something meaningful about waking up early and driving to Boston on a warm morning, where the world is just beginning to turn, to help at a giving factory. I’ve seen poverty before, and I’ve directly helped people in need but sorting through piles of clothes only to find a few things I could ever imagine myself wearing is humbling. I remember spending a particularly hot afternoon in the factory, without any cooling system we had to rely on the breeze of Mother Nature. But I remember getting a list for a five-year-old girl named Abigail, and she needed so many things as she prepared for her first year in school. I got in the car later that day and felt so bad. I just stared out the window, thinking of why I couldn’t get Abigail a single thing she needed from her vast list. The important part of community service is the meaning of giving, but it can be so much more than that. It can be just talking to someone who’s alone or pledging $25 for a plane that is going to Somalia with food relief, and even up to going to Ghana and dedicating your life to helping others. Community service is more than just looking good on an application paper or those required hours from your school. It’s as beautiful as helping others and growing as a person because of it. It’s doing something with meaning and purpose. It’s life with feeling.

Service ~Riley Gustafson

Service is an essential part of your life. It’s important to make sure that those in need get the help they need to better themselves. It is a selfless act that I think everyone should take part in. The past few years I have been involved in many different service activities including Heading Home, The Walk For Hunger, Open Table Pantry and a few other small activities. I think my favorite was helping with a Heading Home. As for this year, I think I have slacked off with the community service and I’m not proud of that. I would really like to get more involved in the community service either at a Fenn or in just everyday life. There are many different aspects to community service that I would like to become a part of, and I can’t wait to get into action.

Regrets ~Jackson Morgan

To be completely honest I don’t think I did much in the way of service. I think that I could have done a lot more for the community and I didn’t. There is one thing I did to help the community indirectly. As a grade, we helped plan for the canned food drive. This is something we were all very passionate about. Hunger is a real problem in our world, and it is something we are trying o fix. A lot of us couldn’t help out directly so we helped indirectly by planning. This didn’t seem like much at the moment, but looking back at it, we really motivated the school to help out, and it worked. As a school, we helped hundreds of families eat, and that is a huge deal. This is something I will take with me in the future, it makes me feel good helping out the community, and I hope I can do more for the community in the future.