Leadership ~Nathan Soukup

I learned that giving to a good cause is always the right thing to do. I don’t always think about how fortunate I am. Many Americans go to sleep hungry, and we don’t even think about it. Living in poverty is an issue facing many Americans today. Not being able to sleep in a house or not knowing when your next meal will come. Over 40 million Americans suffer from poverty. Millions of people go to bed hungry every night. Every donation matters. From 10 dollars to 100 dollars. Many students worry about grades or sports but have not realized how privileged they are. Donated to a food drive would help families in need. With all of the people suffering from hunger, people are worrying about things that don’t even matter. With so many people affected by poverty, the right thing to do was would be to donate. I learned about being a leader and helping organize the food drive. I learned about being a leader by going to classrooms and talking about the food drive and donating. Being a leader can mean many different things. To become a leader, there are many things you can do. Donating and community service will help you become a leader. Being a leader in a community is really important. Being a leader encourages people to do the right thing and participate in community service events. I learned that being a leader can help the community as a whole and improve Fenn altogether.

Leadership ~Jackson Lippa

We learned that leadership is fundamental to having a group that functions. We learned that strong leadership is instrumental to a strong and working group and without this leadership the team falls apart. This was evident through our team meetings which did not have leadership. During these meetings, it was a frenzy until someone stepped up and instituted an order of speaking. After this, everything worked much smoother. Moreover, when we had a more pronounced and official leading force, we noticed that we were more productive and the meeting, in general, went much smoother.

Leadership ~Charlie Hutchinson

The ninth grade learned a lot about leadership and how you can affect others positively and negatively. One of the first and most difficult forms of leadership that we had to learn was how to lead ourselves. We all had a hard time in the meetings coming up with an idea on which projects to do and how to do them. This was very difficult because we were all trying to be leaders and that wouldn’t work. Another form of leadership that we had to learn was how to volunteer to work. In all of the meetings we had, we were talking about what we needed to nobody would volunteer to actually do the work. This was difficult to get past, but I think that we learned how to step up and put in the effort. This service learning project has given us lot of opportunities to learn how to lead the big groups but it has been more important to learn how to lead each other

Learning about Leadership ~Nico Bowden

Leadership is anything you do to further the progress of a group of people.  Without leadership, chaos emerges.  With the wrong leadership, tensions rise.  With the correct amount of leadership and the correct dedication from everybody, the goal that is at the end of any challenge will be achieved.  When my class did SIA this year, we found that everybody could be a leader and that everybody wanted to be.  We led our conversations the way we wanted them to be led and included everybody.  Because of this, our conversations were effective without having to be that long. In our case, leadership did not come from just a few people–it came from everybody. What we learned is not how to lead, but how to make everyone lead. Frankly, none of this even came from our outings with SIA.  It all really happened on our own when we were either in a room talking about it, or following through with what we had planned.  I think that, as a group, we figured that there was no point to having people truly take over and that if everyone was a leader, then everybody was also someone who participated and made the group better as a whole.  Oftentimes, the leader is regarded as the person who makes the most difference, so if everybody is a leader, we all will make a difference.

Learning about Leadership ~Jackson Morgan

Leadership isn’t something that comes naturally. It is something that is developed. In SIA this year I think that my group and I really developed our leadership skills. It wasn’t just SIA, in fact, I think that I developed my leadership skills more in school by being placed in a leadership position. As a 9th grader here I was really in a position to be a leader. All of the younger kids look at us, so we need to be our best. Also as a 9th grader on the football team and one of the very few returning players I was elected captain, and that also put me in a leadership position. I think this has made me grow as a leader more than SIA, this is because I was never put in a leadership position at SIA. I think I still have plenty of room to grow.

Learning about Leadership ~Arthur Goncalves

All of us have different ideals on what makes a leader, through this turbulent ride that has been navigating Students in Action we have all been able to consider ourselves leaders, whether that be on a small scale, or on a much larger one. I can’t speak for everyone in saying this, but being a leader for change is difficult. It requires a lot of work, especially when working on what we are, that requires people around us to make sacrifices and give something up. However, through this year we have also learned what is means to invest ourselves into something much larger than us. We’ve learned that leadership isn’t barking orders, but inspiring people. Leadership is a lot like legacy, and if done right one leads to the next, but the moral is that being a leader is planting a seed everywhere you go, whether it be through your ideals or what your fighting for, and sometimes you see your ideas grow into a beautifully extravagant garden, and sometimes it takes some time for your garden to grow. But we have all learned what it means to inspire a community, we have learned the determination it takes, but we have also learned about the payoff of inspiring your community to help others. Our only hope is that the single seed we planted will grow into something much larger eventually.