Engagement ~Nathan Soukup

Being engaged will help the community. Helping donate and run the donations for the food drive will help people in the community that are in need. I went to lower school classrooms each morning to describe and talk about the food drive and donating. I went off to SIA meeting and talked about the community service projects the ninth grade will be running. We talked about helping the community and what we can do to help. I learned about how our project can help people in need and how we are going to do the community service project. Being engaged in community service helped me learn about problems the world faces and helping other people. Being engaged in community service will help you become a better person by helping those who are in need. Helping other in our community is the right thing to do. Being active in community service will help improve yourself because you are helping other in the community and improving Fenn.

Engagement ~Jasper Chartener

Some things that I learned about being engaged in service work this year, was that it doesn’t take a lot to feel engaged. I learned when I went around to visit the fourth-grade classrooms. My initial thoughts were that I would resemble a Charlie Brown teacher uttering complete nonsense with no one listening. However, to my surprise when I walked into the classroom with my partner, we instantly had the eyes of all of the kids fixed on us. Throughout our presentation of our key points, all of the students were actively listening to us, using both eyes and ears to take in what we had to say. They asked great questions and I left the room thinking that I had made a difference and after a few days, the can amount increased heavily.

Engagement ~Jackson Lippa

This year we learned that not only does our engagement provide a more productive workforce, but also inspires others to work harder as well. This was extremely evident when we went to classes to discuss the importance of donating. When they saw our commitment to this project, they learned to follow suit and donations skyrocketed. Moreover, even amongst us seniors, when someone stepped up others followed. This showed me the value of commitment.

Making a Difference ~Charlie Hutchinson

Over this project, we have had varying amounts of engagement and devotion to this project. There was a lot of pushback in the beginning and more as the year progress. Most people did not like this project and thought it was not was fulfilling as other opportunities. Some thought that it was a really good experience. I thought that it was a good idea but I didn’t like the way we organized the meetings and I thought the conferences were not very helpful. We learned though that even if you don’t like what you are doing you still need to put in the effort and move forward with your group and your ideas. I thought that I learned a lot of showing up when your don’t want to and participating. It showed me that you can make a difference even if you don’t want to.

Engagement ~Izak Murphy

I think that this year’s group learned a lot about engagement. We started off the year as a very small group of kids who actually wanted to do it. By this point, we have learned that it can be fun to do community service. Almost every kid in the grade participates in the activities and workers well together. I think that as a group we learned a lot about working together and the more of us that do the thing, the more fun that thing is. When a lot of friends decide they there are going to work together on a project it doesn’t feel like work. We figured that out when we were organizing they can drive this year. At first, almost no one wanted to help or be a part of it but after a little brainstorming, more and more people decided that it could be fun and saw their friends doing these things so they decided to join in. We also found out that many hands make light work and if one person says they’re going to do the thing then they will ask friends to do it so it’s more fun and wiser and that just keeps going.

Engagement ~ Nico Bowden

One of the simplest rules in life is that progress cannot be made without effort.  Furthermore, one of the factors that most affect effort is engagement.  Because of this, engagement is absolutely imperative in order to have progress.  However, engagement is not so simple.  Being engaged requires a level of care for whatever is to be achieved that is not always found. In our case, we were fairly engaged.  There were moments where we could certainly have been more involved with Students in Action, but our effort was still substantial.  I am proud of what we have done, and while we could have done more, what we did do is completely fine.

Engagement ~ Jack Folz

A skill we learned while taking part in students in action is how important it is to stay engaged. We did many projects throughout the year as a ninth grade where if we were not engaged we would not make the progress needed. For example, during the can drive if we were not focused we would not have gotten the amount of cans needed to help the people who rely on the Concord food pantry. Overall if we were not engaged we would not have gotten a lot of the work done because we would have been fooling around. Instead, we stayed focused as a grade and got a lot of projects done.