Problems ~Nathan Soukup

After learning about our community service project, I was able to understand some of the problem people might face. People I may know could be struggling financially and donating to them could help them. Having a positive impact will improve others lives and help others by supporting them with food and donations. A memorable experience I have had participating in community service at Fenn was helping run the food drive. In order to receive donations, we need to tell people our plan and our goal for the food drive. We hoped to get food donations to help people who are in need of food. I went to the fourth-grade classrooms in the morning and talked about donating food and how it will benefit people and improve other people’s lives. After I talked about the food drive, all of the students seemed so enthusiastic about participating and donated to the Fenn School food drive. Each classroom I went to and explained the food drive, the students seemed intrigued and interested in the food drive. The outcome of the food drive was successful. The impact I had on the community was a success. I managed to convince enough students to donate. Donated will improve people’s lives and improve the community. It will improve the Fenn community and the local community. Seeing the fourth-grade students so enthusiastic about participating in the food drive is really a great thing. By encouraging the younger students to donate, I have had a positive impact in the community this year.

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