Impact ~Charlie Hutchinson

Making a difference can be small, but still meaningful. One of the most memorable moments during this year’s service project was when we were all brainstorming ideas on what to do as a group. Everyone was coming up with ideas and we were all working towards a common goal. Even though we didn’t actually get to carry out any of the great ideas it was really fun to see what others took interest in and how they wanted to fix those problems. This really showed how we could have gotten a lot more done if it was more of a committee than a required extra thing to do. We could have gotten through the ideas and actually worked hard on them to get through them, instead of only fitting the service in and around the school work and other commitments. I think that the service learning should be separate from the school and optional. I think this would get the kids who actually want to do it more excited and ready to work. It would also give them more time to work and more opportunities to get the job done.

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