Helping ~Jackson Lippa

Service is crucial to limit poverty in a modern society. This is evident in Concord as we have been able to help out the impoverished and keep them working in society. I myself have contributed to this effort in three major ways. One, my personal cradles to crayons drive, my assistance to the school drive, and lastly, my heading home contribution. First off, my cradles to crayons drive. This year I organized my own Cradles to Crayons drive in which I collected clothing, made announcements, and delivered the donations. I am happy with this because I feel that through my contribution I have been able to help out the needy. Second, my contribution to the Fenn drive. In addition to donating clothes, I and several other students went to the warehouse and sorted things. I thought this was very interesting because I got to see where my earlier donation went. Lastly,  heading home. This is my favorite service activity as when we are done furnishing the person house, we get to see their excitement and happiness. I have done this two or three times in the past and have really found it to be a great day.

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