Working Together ~Izak Murphy

This year I think that we really matured as a group. At the beginning of the year, there was not a lot of people who were super inclined to help and participate but as the year progressed we really came together as a whole and started really working together rather. I think that the open table food pantry drive was the biggest kickoff of this. We got around a table to brainstorm some ideas of what to do to get more support. At the beginning of the meeting about 5-10 kids were actually listening and contributions while the other kids were just sitting around and talking or just not working. After a little while of this, we realized that we could not just let a couple kids carry the group. We then kicked it up a notch and started to really work together and put some good ideas out and agree on who would do them. One of the things that we really struggled at was not the getting the ideas out part but the actually figuring out who and how we would execute those ideas. Once we started working together and really figuring out stuff, that’s when we really realized the power of all working together. I think that the most important thing that we learned from that experience was that you can’t just let a few people run a team and then expect that it will work without any problems. You really have to step up and work together in order for things to get accomplished.

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