Service Reflection ~Izak Murphy

This year I have done a decent amount of community service. I have stood outside a supermarket for three hours and collected cans and boxes for the needy people at the open table pantry. This was actually a kind of fun project to do because it was a nice day and we got a lot of donations. We filled four or five boxes of cans and other food things to donate. I did this with another person which made it even more fun because we got to hang out and chat while we did charity.  I also did the walk for hunger this past year and I plan on doing it again. Last year it was only 10 miles but I did the full thing which was good. In the past three years I have done it every time and did the full 20 miles those times and plan to do the full 20 miles this year. I enjoy the kind of community service project where you can socialize and work with other people while also helping the people in need. It feels great to know that you changed someone’s life and made it better It feels great to know that you change somebody’s life and made it better even if they didn’t know it was you. I enjoy helping people and think it’s a very worthy cause. My favorite thing about helping others is knowing that their last have changed for the better and I was part of their journey to a better life.

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