Impact ~Izak Murphy

Our group has learned a lot about having a positive impact on our community this year. I think that one of the best things that taught us this was the open table food pantry drive because we really engaged in it and it was very close to home which meant that all of us were able to be more aware of the impact we had. We also learned that just because something is happening on the other side of the state or even the other side of the world, you can help. Even if it feels like it has no impact on your life, helping anyone has an impact on theirs no matter where that help comes from. Our group has really matured this year in this sense because at the beginning of the year we were not super inclined to help people who were not near us and only wanted to focus on local things, which is still a good cause. By now we have all realized that it doesn’t matter where the help comes from to the person receiving the help. It just matters that they get the help and when we figured that out it opened up a lot more options to us.

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