Engagement ~Izak Murphy

I think that this year’s group learned a lot about engagement. We started off the year as a very small group of kids who actually wanted to do it. By this point, we have learned that it can be fun to do community service. Almost every kid in the grade participates in the activities and workers well together. I think that as a group we learned a lot about working together and the more of us that do the thing, the more fun that thing is. When a lot of friends decide they there are going to work together on a project it doesn’t feel like work. We figured that out when we were organizing they can drive this year. At first, almost no one wanted to help or be a part of it but after a little brainstorming, more and more people decided that it could be fun and saw their friends doing these things so they decided to join in. We also found out that many hands make light work and if one person says they’re going to do the thing then they will ask friends to do it so it’s more fun and wiser and that just keeps going.

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