Learning about Leadership ~Nico Bowden

Leadership is anything you do to further the progress of a group of people.  Without leadership, chaos emerges.  With the wrong leadership, tensions rise.  With the correct amount of leadership and the correct dedication from everybody, the goal that is at the end of any challenge will be achieved.  When my class did SIA this year, we found that everybody could be a leader and that everybody wanted to be.  We led our conversations the way we wanted them to be led and included everybody.  Because of this, our conversations were effective without having to be that long. In our case, leadership did not come from just a few people–it came from everybody. What we learned is not how to lead, but how to make everyone lead. Frankly, none of this even came from our outings with SIA.  It all really happened on our own when we were either in a room talking about it, or following through with what we had planned.  I think that, as a group, we figured that there was no point to having people truly take over and that if everyone was a leader, then everybody was also someone who participated and made the group better as a whole.  Oftentimes, the leader is regarded as the person who makes the most difference, so if everybody is a leader, we all will make a difference.

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