Learning about Leadership ~Arthur Goncalves

All of us have different ideals on what makes a leader, through this turbulent ride that has been navigating Students in Action we have all been able to consider ourselves leaders, whether that be on a small scale, or on a much larger one. I can’t speak for everyone in saying this, but being a leader for change is difficult. It requires a lot of work, especially when working on what we are, that requires people around us to make sacrifices and give something up. However, through this year we have also learned what is means to invest ourselves into something much larger than us. We’ve learned that leadership isn’t barking orders, but inspiring people. Leadership is a lot like legacy, and if done right one leads to the next, but the moral is that being a leader is planting a seed everywhere you go, whether it be through your ideals or what your fighting for, and sometimes you see your ideas grow into a beautifully extravagant garden, and sometimes it takes some time for your garden to grow. But we have all learned what it means to inspire a community, we have learned the determination it takes, but we have also learned about the payoff of inspiring your community to help others. Our only hope is that the single seed we planted will grow into something much larger eventually.

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