Service ~Owen Heaton

Overall, this was a very fun year of service. My best memory was when some of our class went to Cradles to Crayons for a day to help sort clothes and pack them to give them away to kids in need of those clothes. These clothes could be sent to kids from 0-12 years old and will be supplied with proper clothes for the season.

When I walked into the door of the huge warehouse of clothes, toys and basic necessities for toddlers and babies such as diapers; I thought about how many people can be helped by this. Even though I’ve been here before it felt like I haven’t. The tall industrial shelves holding loads of clothes waiting to be put in a bag and given to a kid in need of them.

After the Cradles to Crayons volunteers talked to our group and about 4 others, which totaled to about a hundred people, we set off to work. Our group away assigned clothes sorting which were simply sorting clothes, but we still had loads of fun by coming up with games.

Once our time was up which was about three hours we all came back to the small purple bleachers, the lead volunteers told us how many kids we helped which was around 350 I think. Hearing this made me very happy and pleased with myself because I knew that we helped someone out there yang needs our aid, and we gave it to them.

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