Regrets ~Jackson Morgan

To be completely honest I don’t think I did much in the way of service. I think that I could have done a lot more for the community and I didn’t. There is one thing I did to help the community indirectly. As a grade, we helped plan for the canned food drive. This is something we were all very passionate about. Hunger is a real problem in our world, and it is something we are trying o fix. A lot of us couldn’t help out directly so we helped indirectly by planning. This didn’t seem like much at the moment, but looking back at it, we really motivated the school to help out, and it worked. As a school, we helped hundreds of families eat, and that is a huge deal. This is something I will take with me in the future, it makes me feel good helping out the community, and I hope I can do more for the community in the future.

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