Generosity ~Jack Folz

Generosity is one of the greatest qualities you can have in life. During students in action this year we learned about how it is important to help others who are in need around us. This year Fenn wanted to try something new so they signed the 9th grade up for students in action where we created our own community service project to help people around us. Throughout this year we have been doing a variety of different projects around helping others in need. Taking time out of our day we learned how important community service is. After our first students in action conference, we began to brainstorm for the future. Fenn already does a ton of community service throughout the year so we thought as 9th graders that we would become leaders of these movements. An example of this is the school’s annual can food drive. The week that we ran the drive we stood in the cold rain and told parents on what we were doing and who it was for. We went into advisories to influence the fourth graders about the task we were trying to complete. After days of hard work, we completed our goal. This was all due to the generosity of the parents and kids. We learned that doing a food drive or any type of drive depends on a couple of things with the major one being generosity. You can’t run a successful drive if the kids and parents aren’t willing to spend time and money helping the cause. You have to persuade them to donate or help. Doing this food drive really helped the 9th grade understand community service has we continued to help our community.

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